Who is the Best Friend of a Woman? Shoes, Diamonds, Purses and maybe a Man

A woman today has an active Lifestyle; maybe she lives in a big city as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco or where ever it is. She works, she goes to the gym, she take care of children, she has business meetings, she goes to dinner with friends or his couple, she takes a trek with his group of girlfriends or just alone in the middle o the park.

A lot of activities, some of them need a lot of energy, other ones allow less effort, and other ones can be to show her beauty, attractiveness and her Woman Lifestyle. A common point of all those activities is that during the previous preparation to do it, with a high probability no matter from where she is, this woman will open her closet and seriously she will ask herself.

What shoes do I wear and which combine with my clothing?  

A man can say, whatever, and this is one of the main reason why a man is not always in the first place as woman best friend; but a lady knows is not a matter of whatever, or make a fast decision. Her woman lifestyle defines all that she does, and she is faithful and careful on all the aspects and on her lifestyle, shoes really matter. They are the perfect complement to her clothing, her attitude, and her true soul. She can go to her work and the shoes that she wears should be more than just nice or comfortable, they should look really good with her clothing. On the closet of a woman with a Lifestyle, there is a variety of shoes, but there are those that qualify as a “must have” or “must buy”. Some categories are casual shoes, dress shoes, athletic shoes, in black or white, with stripes or plain, open or closed, a woman love to choose between many alternatives and finally with her final decision, She looks great!

But that´s not enough her Woman Lifestyle implies that she can’t be a conformist; consequently, her clothing and her shoes evolve and change with each season and year. The spring, the summer, the fall and the winter have an effect on her closet, the space available never is enough, and renewal is a “must happen”. She has boots for fall or winter, cold seasons and even in the middle of the rain or the snow she will look graceful, the boots will warm her legs with style, maybe in black or brown or other trendy colors, with a skirt or pants, she can decide. Pumps also named as court shoes give her glamour and charming, a wide range of colors depending on the trends, red, black, purple, the designers and celebrities influence the fashion world including the shoes and she likes to follow it, it is her woman lifestyle. The ballet flats that are the right combination of comfort plus style with sometimes with a combination of design or plain colors, for go to shopping or when she is at work, with pants or shorts. Then she has flats and wedge heels absolutely two pleasant choices during summer her feet will have fresh air and will show her nicely painted toes. The stilettos, probably not the most comfortable shoe but doesn’t matter if she looks great, those appear frequently on the Hollywood red carpets and fashion magazines from around the world, the stars have it and a woman with a lifestyle deserve it, she works hard so why not to add those in their closet for really special occasions.

Finally, when she makes exercise or just walking, the sneakers, they have to look trendy or fancy or classic, but they have to transmit something as she is careful maintaining her aspect, doesn’t matter if she is alone or in the middle of a park with hundreds of persons around. On the other hand, she also can decide between so many brands, she likes the American ones, but the Italian and French ones are special too. A world of choices and believe or not, its good for a lot of people that she has a Woman Lifestyle. The past year the value of world market of women shoes reached 52 billion and from those 29 billion dollars were sold in the US market. Consequently this love for shoes has a great impact on the economy, keep your woman lifestyle many will say, and if someone dares to say that she has too many shoes, probably this person should think twice about it or maybe he will lose his space for his shoes in the closet, and we know what this means.


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