Long Lasting Make-up Products Best Reviews

Every Woman needs a special bit of something to make her look good and that special bit is a good makeup to keep her beautiful all through the day but what can a busy woman such as a student or career woman do when her make-up fails her? 

As a beautiful woman, your makeup should not fail you when going through the hustle and bustle of the day and this calls for the best make-up Primer, setting spray and concealers. 

The best have been picked just for you so that you don’t have to break a sweat while trying to look for a quality make-up that lasts all through the day, so here are the best reviews. 


  1. Ark Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer:

This fantastic £36.00 Primer from Ark Skincare is definitely what you need to get started especially if you’re looking for a 3 in one combo that acts as a moisturizer, suncream, and primer. 

This great company has given you the best primer any woman can ask for and the best part about this is that it works well with any skin type and complexion thereby leaving your beautiful face ready to bring in the compliments. 


  1. Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10:

You won’t be wrong by giving this a 5-star review when it comes to the best reviews in the Make-up scene because Estée Lauder has beaten its competitors with this great Stay-In-Place Make-up that comes in as much as 40 shades. 

This Double wear stay-in-place Make-up really stays in place due to the fact that it holds for 24hours and it costs just £31.00. 


  1. Urban Decay AllNighterLong-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray:

You have seen a fantastic Primer and an awesome Stay-in-place Make-up so now it is time to see a makeup setting spray that will overwhelm you. 

Urban Decay is killing the competition once more with this Make-up setting spray that is completely oil free which makes it good for combination skin and this Make-up setting spray keeps that foundation on your face for up to a day, it also comes with a lovely scent and in a big bottle which is very economical at £22. 


  1. SleekIdivineEye Palette: 

At £8.99 this Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek is the most versatile and affordable long lasting eyeshadow any woman needs, the high Mineral pigmentation is completely out of this world so just a small amount will work perfectly for a beautiful woman like yourself and it is good to know that there is added variety as this eyeshadow comes in 15 different palettes with a range of 12 colours to choose from. 


  1. Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Waterproof Eye Definer:

A fantastic Eye Definer for a beautiful woman and at a fantastic price of just £3.99, Rimmel has not failed with their Make-up products in the past so they won’t fail now with this fantastic waterproof eye definer that you can jump into the pool with and still look beautiful. 

This eye definer is just the best as it hardly fails and just a little smudge does the job perfectly well and that’s why as a great Make-up product it is part of the best reviews.

  1. WunderBrow1-Step Brow Gel: 

There are a lot of brow gels in the market but the truth is that WunderBrow stands out due to its unique style that comes in 5 shades to suit your natural complexion, WunderBrow also acts as an all in one pencil, gel and groomer to make you look beautiful and at your best, it is also good to know that this brow gel does not budge, smudge and it is completely waterproof plus the awesome fact that it does not cost much with its price at £19.95, so go for the best.


  1. BareMineralsMineral Veil Finishing Powder: 

You can’t do without a finishing powder to top up your make-up and lock in the foundation so that is where BareMinerals which is the most trusted brand of finishing powder comes in. 

This translucent finishing powder is illuminating which leaves your face with a bright look and it is the 24hour type of long lasting so it is a must have at a price of £21.


  1. Mii Mineral Irresistible Face Base:

This British brand is a household name when it comes to long lasting Make-up and this Mineral face base is the best of its kind due to the wonderful look it provides. Mii Mineral Irresistible Face Base comes in 8 shades so there is always a shade that fits you perfectly and you will agree that £21.00 is a good price to pay for the best, its simply the best and that’s why its part of the Make-up products best reviews. 

  1. DiorshowIconic Overcurl Mascara: 

Diorshow is a must mention product when you are talking about Mascaras and this Iconic Ivercurl Mascara is simply the best thing a girl can have in her make-up kit because this long-lasting Mascara does not fail and it is affordable at £25.50 so it’s really nice. This Mascara does not smudge and its perfect for you but you may just have to forget the waterproof version because it can be a bit hard to get off.


  1. ChantecailleJust Skin Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturizer SPF15: 

You can tell by the name that its a French product and yes the French geniuses have done it again and this time it is an Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturizer that can last up to 24hours, the price tag may be a bit discouraging at £58.00 but it is a good deal when you experience the nice velvety feeling and a nice rose scent that this moisturizer has to offer.


  1. Mac CasualColourBlush: 

Mac as a super company came through again with this fantastic blusher that lasts from morning till night with an illuminating glow that is not extremely sparkly. This blusher does not dry out on the skin so it is bye to those other blushers, this casual color blush from Mac is simply amazing and it is a must-have for every pretty lady and its a really good deal at £18.50 so you just have to get it.


  1. NarsSemi-Matte Lipstick: 

Getting a long-lasting lipstick has always been a problem because with other companies if it does not dry out on the mouth it will leave its colour an anything your lips touch bit it is different with Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick, it is semi-matte, it does not dry out and it does not stain so what more can you ask for with just £21.

The Final Verdict

What else do you want when you have a good primer from Ark Skincare, A Make-up setting spray from Urban Decay and a great brow gel from WunderBrow?

The products listed here are super products and they are the best long lasting Make-up products with the best reviews, so which are you going for and why?

Get these products right now!


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