Black and Other Woman Fashion Highlights of the Paris Fashion Week

France and more specifically its capital Paris is considered to be the fashion hub of the world for decades, with a number of major fashion brands and designers headquartered in the historic city. So the annual Paris fashion week is eagerly awaited by everyone related to woman fashion, especially garment manufacturers, fashion designers and fashion lovers to find out the latest trends in woman’s fashion worldwide, which they can incorporate in their clothes and accessories. Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer season 2017 was held in March 2017 in Paris and a large number of celebrities in different fields attended the fashion week, to get a glimpse of the latest designer wear, accessories fashion trends and news related to woman fashion.

The Paris Fashion week in 2017, lived up to its reputation for being one of best showcases of high-class fashion from the top designer brands in the world, with a number of memorable fashion shows. Noted designer Christian Dior had a powerful show, making a political statement. British fashion designer Stella McCartney’ woman fashion show included a tribute to the popular singer George Michael. The Paris Fashion week was closed by the extravagant and awe-inspiring space themed fashion show by one of the most reputed fashion designers in the world, Chanel.

The 2017 edition of the Paris Fashion show was also widely covered in the media and discussed for its more controversial aspects. The Eiffel Tower protestors against fur usage in fashion were noted by all those attending the fashion show. Similarly, the woman fashion show of the popular fashion designer Saint Laurent was “degrading” for some. However there was one main woman fashion trend which caught the attention of the fashion watchers, media and all others related to the Paris Fashion Show, almost everyone related to the show including celebrities, fashion designers, and models, were wearing black in some form or the other.

The black woman fashion garments and accessories worn at Paris Fashion week included blazers, shoes, crepe skirts, trousers, dresses. A-list celebrities like the popular actresses Salma Hayek and Uma Thurman proved that all kinds of black woman fashion clothes in different textures and materials, ranging from tulle skirts to studded leather dresses, are fashionable. Additionally, the color black was also visible in the accessories of the celebrities attending the Paris Fashion Week, with Michelle Williams and Pamela Anderson spotted wearing black sunglasses, bags, shoes and nail polish as they attended the woman fashion shows.

While a number of celebrities and models at the Paris Fashion week wore all black outfits, which made them look slimmer, some of those attending the Paris Fashion week mixed black garments with their clothes to make their outfit look interesting. For example, popular actress Sienna Miller combined a midi dress with colorful floral prints with an embroidered black coat for a unique contrast. Similarly, celeb Yasmin Sewell wore a striking yellow and black layered dress. The actress Jennifer Connelly opted for a monochrome look at the woman fashion show, combining a black coat with white boots, which were knee high. Some of the other popular celebrities who attended the 2017 spring-summer edition of the Paris fashion show were Jenna Coleman, actress Kristin Scott Thomas in a black lace outfit and Gwendoline Christie who was spotted wearing trendy designer clothes While most women are aware that bright colors like red and pink are the latest trend in woman fashion for spring summer season 2017, it is also clear that the color black is also making a fashion comeback in the year 2017, and the Paris Fashion week again highlighted this fashion trend. Unlike most fashion trends, which force women to purchase new trendy clothes, the black color woman fashion trend of 2017 is not likely to be expensive. Most formal and party clothes are partly or fully black in color, so a majority of women already have a large number of black outfits and accessories in their wardrobe. An additional advantage of wearing black clothes is that they make the person wearing them look slimmer and fairer.

A majority of woman fashion clothes include the color black and women usually worry that their wardrobe has too much black in it. However, as the Paris Fashion Week 2017, Spring Summer season showed, 2017 is the year to enjoy black as the color which most women love.


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